When life gives you lemon, you..?

Kampar really sucked, as expected. No matter how you write it, how fanciful you want your life to be here, the fact remains unchanged. As if looking at the bright side of things help. People are just ignoring the darker side. First week of campus, whole new wave of negativity. Some wasn’t really my concern, some brushed hard against me, and some were just plain idiotic.

There were still some lingering consequences of previous semester to be dealt with. Loose ends to be tied.

Things at home weren’t that good either. Perhaps I’ll be dead long before this short semester ends.

Bad lucks or whatever you call it, can’t be avoided no matter how you tried. The more you try to get away, the more it pours into your life. One thing for sure, I won’t go down without a fight!

Live with the system. Not jumping out of it.

Talking about fight, I added Kyrios and Dynames to my collections of Gundams the other day. Hehe.. Bought Drei during semester break. Now I’ve got a full set of  Thrones Gundams Eins, Zwei & Drei. Woohoo! One more Seravee before Gundam 00 is completed! xD *Photos will shown soon enough, wait til I get my hands on some decent camera*

And what follows after this is really me. Something buried a long time ago, with recent circumstances forcing it to re-emerge in my mind. The perfect epitome of what a failure I was.

Click for larger image.
Click for larger image.

The perfect reminder for me to study harder smarter now.

When life gives you lemon, you..?

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