Black & White

Somehow I can’t seem to find the mood to write anything here on my blog. Plenty of things happened, don’t know where to start writing. The more I dragged on, the more rubbish accumulated.. Ahh shiet! And I forgot most of the things already. Ahh my brain is failing me. Which is good, I suppose?

Escaped Kampar for more than 2 weeks now. Away from the people there, the sinister air, the conflicts.. But I’m not totally clear of it yet. Bloody poisoned to the core.

Sometimes I think it’s not the other’s fault you know. Just that I can’t accept the way things are. Going against my values and beliefs. I guess what they say is true, something about familiarity breeding contempt. The closer you are to people, the more you hate them for being who they are. The more you realise the negative side of people, the more withdrawn you are from them. The missing link I think, is sincerity.

I guess places with the most Cina-Kuis are the most complicated to handle. A place where population is almost 99.9999% Chinese. There’s no love in the air. Always danger lurking, waiting to pounce at you when you let your guards down. There are no exceptions really, just the extend of patience limit you are willing to endure before you snap. Who am I to judge people, you say? I’m my own judge and I stand by my own measures. I’m not being mean, just that your values are not the same level as mine.

Why am I writing all these? I don’t know. HAHA. Maybe the thought of going back to Kampar in a few more days makes me grouchy.

But it wouldn’t be nice to end my post with such negativity, right?

Accomplished much throughout this holiday. Re-applied all my ATM cards and license. Had interview for internship at Universal Team Builder the other day. All went well. Not too shabby, managed to charm the lady interviewing me I guess? Haha. Too bad she said there will be a 2nd interview with the big boss soon. And I’m still waiting for the day. Which she haven’t confirmed with me.

Went shopping with Airin and Zhiyan at Times Square. Became their bag carrying kuli all of a sudden. Went to McDonalds, and Starbucks. Only that I knew what Starbucks is called in Chinese. Xing Xing Ba Ke for fucks sake! ROFL! I don’t know if that’s the correct name or not, but that’s what I heard Airin telling Zhiyan. Went to Pavillion as well. Never been there before I think, or maybe I’ve forgotten about it already hehe. Was so tired from following the 2 girls shopping. I slept til 3pm the next day after that. I’m too old for shopping already.. T-T

Had an eating spree with Calvin and Shihui last night. Fried oysters, Uncle Bob’s, grilled fish, fried si ham.. *Drooling* Went to Tanjung. Watched the oversized Calvin and Shihui playing with swings and slides, before I myself climbed on top of the see-saw they were having fun with. Haha. Kinda wasted time there, had me all sweating from head to toes. But still, meeting up with them is fun.. xD

And in between all these, spent my time hunting mouse, fishing and trapping ghosts in Facebook. And testing my patience with the sucky dial-up at home.

Oh, and result’s about to come out. God bless me. I think I’m gonna get pwn’ed real soon. Hopefully I don’t fail too hard, and of course good luck to those who are anxiously waiting for the results to come out like me.

Black & White

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