What’s for title?

Ahhh I feel bad not updating my blog for so long.. Ignored but not forgotten, just nothing great to boast or happy enough worth mentioning. Sick and tired of everything. Tired of all the mind games, tired of guessing what everyone is up to, tired of trying to please everybody but myself, tired of all the nonsense I had to endure.

List of things on my mind now:

  1. Damn those love songs. 😦
  2. What can I say? 😦
  3. Retarded ass
  4. Airin. LOL!
  5. Bicycle tyres need repairing.
  6. More retarded asses.
  7. Political science wtf.
  8. What should I get?
  9. I need sex.
  10. Number 9 is nonsense.

No solutions, no light at the end of tunnel, no nothing! 😦

What’s for title?

4 thoughts on “What’s for title?

    1. hahaha.. no.9 is “I need sex” la.. Which btw is nonsense! and if you are saying if airin is related to no.9 or not.. OF COURSE NOT LA!!~ lolx

      but then if you refer to my relation with airin.. ahem.. hmmm.. oso OF COURSE NO relation la! xD

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