I’m not missing in action. I’m just too wordless to write anything on my blog these days. I still sit in front of my laptop 100% 90% of the time. Visiting and revisiting websites like some manic OCD dude, Facebook camping and stuffs. Things that came out from my head recently were of no good at all. Why bother writing them down right?

Been busy. Overwhelming schedule as usual by this time of semester.

Sad things happened. Which made me re-realised the fragile-ness of life. Incidents that got me thinking, of how life would be for me if someone close to me pass away. Someone from my ex-uni was found dead in the rubbish dump after going missing in a marathon. A 4-flattish(?), active final year engineering student. Well, I remembered who he was cause he nodded smilingly everytime we crossed path. Never so close though. Still, point is a good life wasted. Just like that.

And 2 of my hamster babies died. One bitten to death by it’s mum, another died just like that or for reasons I might not know.

Ah fuck. Life’s too morbid for me nowadays.

I don’t wanna live my life with regrets. I wanna live like everyday’s the last day of my life. I don’t wanna go away unnoticed. I don’t wanna have “What if” feelings. Life’s too short to be ruined by some faggots and bitches. I wanna treasure each and every people close to me. Nobody can bring me down.

And I wanna go McD tonight! Hopefully.


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