It’s like.. Satan screaming “BLASPHEMY!!”

Get this right, it’s also like a whore calling others cheap. Or simply one who doesn’t appreciate the people around them, saying they met with the wrong “friend” all over facebook. Pretending to others she’s the innocent “victim” there.

And people believed her. I fell for it once. How couldn’t I? She was being sooooooooooooooo “supportive”, being there for you whenever you’re down, being soooooooooooooo “caring” towards anyone in dillemma. Sad to say, I realised too late all those were part of her evil schemes for another grandiose plan in future. I was blind then. Not anymore. Eyes opened up, like how she hypocritically said.

Manipulated to confess love for her three fucking times. Each time I thought I was the one at wrong, forcing her to accept me. How naive of me when she dropped a few tears the last time. I thought I was the one over-interpreting her every moves believing she would one day accept me. And she showed how suffering she was back then to be pursued by me. Never did I imagine this is exactly what she wanted. To be an attention whore, to enjoy the process of seeing others saddening out their life for her. Like how she candidly told the faggot, “There’s an evil side of me. Don’t know why I did the things I did. Perhaps I was just testing my power on him.” I will tell you why, you promiscous whore. It’s satanic!! Oh, how I regret feeling the pain I felt for her.

There was never any misunderstanding in the first place. This is the sole reason I fucking hate her. Period.

It’s like.. Satan screaming “BLASPHEMY!!”

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