I’ve kept lots of things to myself lately. Except for a few blurbs to a few dearest close ones. Got really demotivated these days. Skipped through classes for whole day at a stretch, stayed awake whole night long for god-knows why. Sleeping at times I shouldn’t be. Neglecting everything. Didn’t really put any focus on assignments, lazy to put up with people’s attitudes. Just freakin’ ignored everybody. Pretending like nothing’s ever happen. Pretending’s the only thing I’m good at with them now anyway.

When I keep quiet, people tend to climb over my head. The two and a half bitches bridage are at it again lately. Sometimes I’m really amazed by their level of intelligence, or stupidity whichever way you want to put it. Giving pure nonsense as reasons and excuses. I wonder if those stuffs came out from her mouth or pussy. But to make one thing clear, it is me ignoring you bitches now. Not the other way round. My feelings for you dropped to negative ever since the day I got myself bald. Just playing along with your bitchiness till I decided that’s it, can’t take it no more.. =)

Things are so complicated I don’t know where to start. From the moment those bitches started screaming at me? From the moment I knew she was just “testing her power” on me? Or from the moment she betrayed my trust and started being a double headed snake, being the “nice one” for both sides? Whatever it is, things got to this state finally.

And she thought I was being angry at her for choosing sides. LOL.. One thing for sure, others were just minor characters not deserving my attentions. Manipulate your two and a half bitches brigade all you want. At least some still know the truth.. =)

Great.. One week hiatus from my blog and this is all I posted.. =S


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