Hamsters overloaded!

Hazel gave birth to a litter of pups yesterday. 8 to be exact, 1 died.. 😦 So, left with 7 baby hamsters.  Hairless, pinky, and blind baby hamsters! Well, how could I not see the signs of pregnancy? I thought Speedy was the one pregnant all these while, and Hazel being the food hoarder was just simply over-fat from stuffing too much food in her pouch. Hahahaha.. Stupid me. Rex was hiding in the little house in the cage all the while Hazel was giving birth I think. Too scared to watch, can’t stand the tension of being a new daddy.. Lol.

That was when I woke up yesterday. Took a moment to register what’s happening and quickly got Rex  out of the cage. Hazel seemed so tired from the labour but she still fed her youngs. Imagine 7 babies biting at your nipples, hungry for milk! LOLOL! So, I decided to nourish Hazel kao kao with delicious treats. Purposely went to Tesco to buy Nutriplus Omega 3 eggs to boil for my hamsters. Stole a bit of brocolli from the vegetable section too.. Hehe.

I can’t wait for my hamsters to grow up now. Lol. Gotta wait 2weeks before touching and playing with them. Else, the mummy Hazel gonna eat them up.. :S And a new cage is coming up any time soon.. Ahh there goes my pocket money for this month.. So much for being at high risk for bipolar.. Haha, another story, another post, another day.

Pictures coming up soon. I promise.. 😀

I’m just being lazy and moodless to blog. Too much things to handle lately.

Hamsters overloaded!

2 thoughts on “Hamsters overloaded!

  1. x i n r u y says:

    =O u stole brocolli from tesco!!!!
    once u kena tangkap…then all the hamsters belong to me tat time…xD

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