Was at Subang last night. Had dinner at Kim Gary and watched Transformer 2 at Sunway Pyramid. With CC, and bunch of friends.

No, actually that wasn’t the main reason I was there. Got assignment to do.. Haha. Visited a kindergarten at Klang for Child Development subject this morning. The kids were cute. Me and group members had a tough time handling them. All were panting for breath by the end of the session. Lol.

Which reminded me of how innocent people can be when they were little. Why do people change as they grow? Corrupted. Anway that’s not the point today either. I shall save this topic for another day. These children are so innocent, they can say:

My mummy eat alot, that’s why her stomach grow big and got baby inside.. *While showing a round circular motion in front of his tummy*

When asked what they wanna become when they grow up:

Kid A: I wanna be a firefighter, and also jaga *security guard*
Me: Why jaga? *Curious*
Kid A: Cause they can carry big guns.
Me: Ooooh..
Kid B: I wanna be a policeman!
Kid A: But policeman not good..
Me: And why is that?! *Even curious*
Kid A: Cause policeman cannot sleep at work..

And the children there were so damn adorable, I couldn’t resist not taking their photos! They giggled at the slightest silly expressions and also when they call me Papaya Kor Kor.. -____-

Told them our own version of Red Riding Hood with socks puppets as the characters, interviewed the children on what they wanna be when they grow up, drew pictures, sang some nursery rhymes, and played with plasticines. Needless to say, their imaginations were superb. Had fun interacting with them.

Had lunch at Old Town Kopitiam after that. Back at Kampar around 4pm. Back to bored and sick life.. 😦

Oh, before I forget. Downed 4-5 glasses of coffee the whole day. No idea what’s up with the caffeine addiciton. But I still felt sleepy.. -____-

Photos shall be uploaded soon after I get them from certain someone lengnui’s digicam.. Haha.


5 thoughts on “Innocence

  1. keat says:

    wah..papaya kor kor come subang also no find me la..btw y come all the way to klang le? kampar no kindergarten one meh?

  2. keat: no time find u ma.. vy rush.. except watch transformer time la.. 😛 and klang kindergarten more pro feel.. xD

    xinruy: hehe.. change lo.. 😛

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