Not Another MJ’s Post..

People only appreciate you when you are gone. What’s the point?

Recent demise of Michael Jackson kinda “shocked” the whole fuckin’ world. Facebook, blogs, PMs, newspapers, tabloid magazines are filled with MJ’s appreciation threads, praises of how great his music were, and how the music industry suffered a great “loss”. Local newspaper, TheStar published a story about a music shop in KL having no more stocks of MJ’s albums today. What’s the point??! 


When MJ was alive, everybody tried to have a dig at his massive fortune, lawsuits and claims, alleged “paedophilic” activities with kids on his bed, every fucked up Scary Movie series which featured MJ’s parody, stories of how he turned from megalo-popstar-dancing sensation to a freak with financial problems, and people around him ditching him to rot on his own. Anyone remember his baby-dangling act which drew severe verbal missiles from every possible human rights department in the US?

Point is, nobody give a fuck about him when he was alive. So, why now? No matter how “shiny” you made him out to be, he’s already dead.

All I ever remembered about him was the zombie mtv, Thriller and the “Beat It” song which sounded like “Fillet, fillet..” to me til today. And the Moonwalk steps. That’s about all.

Felt sorry for MJ and the fucked-up-suddenly-I’m-a-MJ-fans people. Some people even had the cheeks to ask whether I’m jealous of the attention he’s getting. One jokingly mentioned I don’t like all this MJ’s hype because he’s black/white?/bleached?. That’s not even the point! Fuck.

Why do we always take things for granted?

Not Another MJ’s Post..

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