Emo-King Chronicles!

I’ve been ignoring my blog for quite some time now.. T_T

Been busy, occupied by what I don’t know. Recently, a few Datins, self-proclaimed as they may be, appeared in Kampar. Even me had to watch my words when I’m speaking to them. You’ll never know how you might have offended them til your head roll down the ground. Haughty, arrogant, and whiny basically describe them pretty well. Even le Sopranos lose to them in terms of high pitch scream and whining. Screaming at top of their lungs seems to be their special move. Wrong words, wrong moves, death becomes you. Immature little princesses, brought up in their tiny little bubble, who can’t stand people raising a little voice at them.

End of ranting Part I

To the limp-dicked faggot who lives here, what I do with her is NONE of your fucking gay business. Try poking your pimple-faced nose into MY business again. You are done for. Save your “concern” for your fuck-gayish self instead of mine. And her. But if you wanna be soooooooo concerned of her, leave me out of your conversations. I’m serious.

End of ranting Part II

Who do I find to tell all my secrets? To confess every dirty things I know instead of bottling it all up in me. They say I have a sad look nowadays. I can’t help it. I don’t know. Gotta be just me when everyone’s not watching me. How do I escape from this never-ending nightmare? It’s June now. Already 6 months of miseries. Each worser than previously. I feel like slapping, punching, kicking and raping the hell out of everybody now. Yes, literally. Don’t ask, don’t comment. Knowing too much sucks. But they also say “ignorant are always manipulated”. I know. I feigned it.

From ranting to emo’ing.. Part III

The cat is out of the bag. Can’t handle it anymore. Which in turn made me felt even worse. Emotions relived. All the more I feel the need to set things back on track again. To those with different brainwave than mine, fuck off. Stupid people and bad influences beware. Wynken’s gonna do something to wipe you all out. Clean. And I exploded. Boom! Mild one though.

From emo’ing to instability & frustrations.. Part IV

Emo-King Chronicles!

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