Kampar & Ipoh Reloaded!

Been MIA for few days now. Over-fatigueness and fucked up TMnet being the main reasons. Anyway, Calvin and Airin visited me here last weekend. And off to Ipoh we go again!~~ Enjoy the pictures. Again.

This time, it’s bigger, nastier, and way juicier!

Kampar & Ipoh Reloaded!

4 thoughts on “Kampar & Ipoh Reloaded!

  1. wow. talk about shihui feeling the sour grapes syndrome! HAHA. i am loving the photo layout for this post! damn nice. have gotten over my sour grapes syndrome a few days ago but looks damn fun lah! kekeke

  2. shihui: aww don’t like that la..

    chareli: if i were u, i wouldn’t agitate shihui.. lol. these photos i posted in FB before dy la.. it’s all the same.. lol

  3. Shi Hui says:

    i am over the sour grapes syndrome anyway…
    because wynken now owes mw a big meal…
    at kampar and ipoh some more… :P:P:P

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