Back in Kampar. With the whole master bedroom to myself. Hopefully it won’t get messy so fast. Or should I say hopefully I don’t mess it up so fast. Lol. Tidied the whole room and now it’s squeaky clean! I swear I can see the sparkles on the floor.. xD

And the MICs are out of the house.. =)

Housemates and friends are still the same. Noisy.. xD

And and.. Munching Julie’s strawberry love letter on the first night here back at Kampar ain’t that bad right? OMG.. Binging even when I’m not stressed.. T-T

Or maybe I am.



All these while on the way back I was thinking what “Pocketful of Sunshine” by Natasha Bedingfield should be renamed into. It’s not even a happy song for fuck sake. Take me away, take me away wtf. Unless she sang something like take me ah ah , take me oo oo! xD

So Mr Genius here came up with a few possible alternatives to the horrendously inappropriate title such as “Escape”, “Paradise”, “Secret Place” and my personal favorite “Take Me, Hard”.

Anyone with better ideas? ^^


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