Prison Break, Broke, Broken?

Okay, I won’t be so mean to you people reading my blog. To those still catching up on Prison Break series, don’t read this post. Unlike some retarded dude who posted the ending on his MSN’s pm, fuck him. Luckily it wasn’t as I imagined, so no major harm to my enjoyment of the series.




Michael died. Michael J. Scofield died. Yeah you read right, wtf! Everybody else got exonerated, whatever that means lol. Prison Break long running saga finally ended. A tad disappointed, but hey it’s been a nice watch. I just couldn’t bear not watching it after a season or two cause I just gotta know what’s gonna happen to all the Prison Break dudes and dudette. Probably the right thing to do with Michael. We wouldn’t want Prison Break season 5 out next few months with the same people get thrown into some seemingly impossible maximum security prison AGAIN, and them attempting to break out of it AGAIN, would we?

Prison Break, Broke, Broken?

2 thoughts on “Prison Break, Broke, Broken?

    1. you REALISED that was u eh? hahaha.. 😀

      i shall not be so harsh in scolding you then.. wahaha. read back the post.. xD

      but still.. fuck you!

      and cause it gets draggy and soggy after a while.. don’t you think so? =.=

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