Still Alive!

Yeah, edited my blog’s layout again. Can’t stand using the same one for too long. And I totally heart my new header! *Muackx* Font’s a little too small but whatever, I’m not the one reading it right? Lol.

Finals over 5days ago. Felt more like 5seconds ago to me. How time flies, fuck. And so semester break officially started. Nothing much to do. Slept off most of the days. Sleeping time still irregular as hell, but fuck it hahaha coz it’s holidays now! Going back home soon I hope. Can’t stand people who kept asking me whether I am still in Kampar or not.

It’s quiet here. And I like it.

Healthy living isn’t exactly wallet-friendly either. Went shopping at Tesco with the aim of buying easily edible food without having to eat outside this whole week. Yogurt drinks, bread, hotdog, instant noodles, milk and peanut butter cost friggin’ rm30 just like that wtf!

Hopefully lesser pimples and fats by the end of this semester break, lol. Couldn’t bring my lazy ass self to exercise though. Just wanna sleep whole day, eat only when hungry, and watch PPStream when there’s nothing to do here.

Am currently enjoying: Gardenia bread with grape stripes peanut butter, Alone in The Dark 2 on PPS and blog-hopping! (sort of like lunch time to me now at 5am) ^^”

Still Alive!

One thought on “Still Alive!

  1. Shi Hui says:

    i am going blind by reading your blog…
    you sound like you going to rot soon…
    enjoy growing mushroom in muar… 😛

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