Seven Deadly Sins

Did you guys notice my new blog header and wondered what it’s all about? Guess what each of them represents? Our seven deadly sins, our capital vices. From left to right: Pride, Envy, Gluttony, Wrath, Sloth, Greed and Lust. All of which I’m guilty of, at various points of my life. Not all at once of course! Which makes the header apt for my new blog layout. Look out for future posts that will be categorised according to these seven sins. Haha.

Now, I’m not religious or anything. Heck I don’t even know who’s who up above. But all these, in my opinion are suitable for everyone regardless of which God people look up to. Disagree? GTFO.. =)

Pride: Vanity. The desire to be more important or attractive than others, excessive love of self. Camwhoring doesn’t count I guess. Hopefully God doesn’t have a Facebook or Friendster account, else I’m fried =S

Envy: Jealousy. Sort of, resenting others who have something we lack of. Who doesn’t feel anything when others drive BMW to campus, while we cycled everyday regardless of the friggin’ sun? Or the hot girlfriend some monkey-ass face is holding hands with? *Oopsie*

Gluttony: Latin gluttire, meaning to gulp down or swallow. Over-consumption of anything to the point of waste. Hey, it’s not wasting right if it’s in our stomach? Ice-cream, cookies, chocolates, sweets etc.. Oh wait, everybody just sinned during exam periods! xD

Wrath: Rage ftw! Good thing I channeled my wrath and anger towards DotA. Flaming and killing people over some online playing game doesn’t account to full version of wrath righty? Okay, I admit going overboard when I get angry last time. But I’ve changed, heart crossed.. 🙂

Sloth: Laziness. No explanation needed. My no.1 sin.. 😦

Greed: Similar to envy and lust, but greed is more towards materialistic stuffs. One can never have enough of anything. Money, money, money.. $_$ And I particularly like one phrase. Luxury, once sampled, becomes necessity.

Lust: Hamsap. Watching prawns and having vivid imaginations of ahem ahem. Hey, we’re all designed like this, genetically inherited for the survival of human species. And who doesn’t fantasize about their lady teacher during school times, hands up? Not to the extend of raping la doink.

Come to think of it, this isn’t just me. It’s time to change/update/upgrade the Seven Sins to fit our current society. Something which everybody DON’T commit on a daily basis, and comes with hyped up notoriety. Something bad-ass, something which makes us all scared, something like Fattiness, Penniless, Ugliness, Kiasu-ism, WMD-ism, Fetish, and Noob-ism.

My own version of Seven Not-To-Be Categories.. xD

Seven Deadly Sins

8 thoughts on “Seven Deadly Sins

  1. sheryll1my says:

    7 sins?
    YEAY!!!I DO ALL D!!!
    hmm…let me check..

    oh well..lets all go party in hell..haha….sure got a lot of people there now..swt…

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