Guess what just shot straight to the top of my wish list?

Besides a cute girlfriend to hug and cuddle with I mean.. 😳

No prize for guessing it correctly! Hehe.. 😆

Nikon DSLR D60
Nikon DSLR D60

Yes. DSLR. The Nikon DSLR D60 to be exact! ^^

How could anyone not fall in love with this sleek piece of baby?

Got ‘quite’ interested in photography lately.. Hmm? My itchy heart’s getting the best of me now. LOL.

One thing’s putting me off though.. With a fuckin’ hefty price tag of rm2k plus, how am I gonna afford this soon-to-be baby of mine?


Unless.. I become a gigolo, strike lottery or *cough**cough*next year *cough *birth *cough *day *cough *present *cough *cough**

My cough is getting from bad to worse these days. Sigh.


10 thoughts on “D60!

  1. km says:

    cough cough cough…my cough is getting worst still…. i wan a *cough* *cough* 3 layer* cough* cake,*cough* and a 5k *cough* diamond *cough cough* and erm let me think *cough cough* tell you * cough* later…LOL

      1. Shi Hui says:

        then enjoy coughing for the time being…
        find a job during your hols…
        i am vry sure u r shaking legs now…
        at least ur cough can be cured sooner… 😛
        or maybe can ai rin sponsor…
        she said only 1999…

  2. paigekepple says:

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