Oh yeah, so it’s been a long time since a decent update on my life came out. But you know what they say about how no news is good news right? Except the bloody hot weather that’s making me sick-ish, nothing much to complain about I guess. Final’s kinda mind-numbing also I suppose. I can’t feel anything. I wonder what my grades are gonna be. Shiet. i think it’s ok. Will be ok. Supposed to be ok. Just that it’s not what I want. I hate the B-ish feel. Fuck. What am I thinking right now? Suppression of feeling? Repression? Denial? Distortion? Defence mechanism? What? I need REBT? PCT? Adlerian? Freudian perhaps? I’m happy in one way, and yet not happy in another wtf. Been doing silly things lately like cyber-cafe’ing til wee hours in the eve of exam days. In search of excitement. To the brain. Stimulation or whatever you call it. And making up for my sleep loss. Serious & heavy payback. And wasting loads of money previously. Doing unnecessary stuffs. Eating. Buying rubbish. Overspending. Good thing about the me now is I don’t feel like binging anymore. Guess I’m feeling relaxed now.

Here’s my oversimplified version of my life currently. LOL. Feel free to read this peeps. Happy eye-rolling! Cheers.. ^^”


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