Stop and Think!

Let him who is without sin cast the first stone. Or so said Jesus. On whom I agree with also.

But then, the first stone had been casted and the casters still have the holier than thou attitudes. Everybody has their own hidden agendas behind their every actions. Innocent-looking to some, filled with malicious intentions to others. Some are able to look through the thinly disguised veils, and pretended nothing happened for the sake of peace and serenity. Some are being flying-daggered from all directions without realising it. People are quick to jump on the blame-wagon and pass judgements about others. If you’re not careful enough, you will find yourself under the microscope the next day you wake up. And people actually enjoy scrutinising* others.

But the point here is, people didn’t bother to look at themselves before telling off others. They just rant on and on and on about how “disgusting” people can be all the while digging nose and rubbing it on the wall themselves. Some just liked poking their nose into others’ business for the sake of being nosy.

Jesus continued, “Neither do I condemn thee. Go, and sin no more.”

Speak No Evil
Speak No Evil

Listen to Jesus peeps. For the sake of world peace. Need I remind you people the existence of Karma? What goes around comes around.. You wouldn’t want to see a Doppelganger of yourself, would you? By then it would be too late.. 🙂

*Scrutinise = To screw people up nicely..

Stop and Think!

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