Facts of Love!

Roasted Cupid!
Roasted Cupid!

What makes men chase women they don’t intend to marry? The same impulse that makes dogs chase cars they don’t intend to drive.

Some men love their wives so much that, so as to not wear them out, they use their friends’ wives.

If women were good, God would have one and if she were trustworthy, the Devil would have horns.

If love is blind, you have to grope it.

Love is like the flu: you catch it on the streets and solve it in bed.

Men would lie much less if women didn’t ask so many questions.

Why does the bread get burnt, the milk spilt and the women pregnant? You don’t get it out on time.

To avoid having children, sleep with you sisters-in-law: you’ll only have nephews!

If you’re feeling useful or depressed, just remember: you were once the fastest spermatozoon in the bunch!

Worse than a stone in your shoe, only a grain of sand in your condom.

Facts of Love!

2 thoughts on “Facts of Love!

  1. Boss manyak Ganas woo…
    Everyday manyk cite concept…
    sume cite kene ade IQ, dan EQ yg kuat mcm boss baru bole paham….
    Boss memang power……hahahah

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