When the realisation dawned on me that everything’s gonna come back at me somehow, I felt pretty pissed off. Well, you never expect bumbling idiots to stop creating trouble.  While I’m not one who suffers fools gladly, I’m trying to change the way I am now. In between trying to keep my temper in check and thinking of a solution to fix the rubbish they created, I tell myself it’s all for the greater good and harmony of myself and others. No point getting worked up or anything. Seriously.. =)

Ignore this post really. It’s just another ranting of mine. Albeit in a more gentle and subtle manner compared to previous ones. I wouldn’t want those important in my life to be sucked into this turmoil either. Just stay out and let me handle the situation, my way. Imposing others’ values on me doesn’t really work you see. I still stand firm on my decision. Whether you people like it or not, Wynken’s meddling his hands into you people’s affairs again this time. Regardless of how reluctant I am.

And from this episode, once again I can see clearly who’s good and who’s not. Just reaffirmed my hatred towards them. Hatred seems to be too harsh a word. Maybe disdain, who knows?

Signed Wynken, with love and whole loads of positive vibes oozing from me.

Edit: It seems that  a solution which doesn’t require my intervention had been worked out. Which seems good enough for me, at least for the moment.. =)


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