Of Good Moods & Shitty Stuffs!

Nothing much to blog about these days.. Except for the fact I’m in a generally good mood somehow. Anyone had the free-floating feeling before? Hehe.. But then there are still several issues that’s been bugging me for a few days now. Ahh.. Stupid moments of hesitation. Kanasai.. Weekend weren’t THAT productive either. Kanasai-er.. The kanasai-est thing of all is that my wallet’s running dry again. Yes, it’s this fast. Even more kanasai-er, you’ll have to dig it yourself.. =)

And lecturer’s notes weren’t helping much in my finals revision either. God bless me.

It’s now officially study week for finals. One week. One friggin’ week! *Panic attack!*

And some cute shits I found on the Internet~ =D

The Kanasai budaks.. =)
The Kanasai budaks.. =)
Of Good Moods & Shitty Stuffs!

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