People would pay GAZILLIONS just to get into the mind of girls for 1 minute!

Ex-housemate, GB told me how he offended a girl in his class just because he introduced the girl to his housemates. JUST. And the girl wanted it at the first place. Now she said it makes her look damn desperate wtf. You disturb one hen in the coop, every other hens go crazy! Now he offended the WHOLE group of girls from his class. Epic LOL. I shouldn’t have laughed at him at the first place, cause I got the same thing 15minutes after he told me his “ordeal”. Karma, I tell ya.. It’s karma.. =S

Mine weren’t so outrageous as his. But still, it got me scratching my head over and over again.

And Facebook just got hit by my obscenities. I got frustrated with myself for not knowing what’s going on when I can clearly see something’s wrong.. =.=||

If I were to choose which character from Heroes I am, I would go for Gabriel; for his hunger for knowing how things work. Like how it would kill him to not know what’s going on in people’s head. Now, can I crack open people’s forehead to see what’s inside?


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