From all the traffic my blog’s been getting lately, I can safely conclude that all guys except me are hamsap kias.. =D

Why, you say?

Because of the recent PC Fair thingy in KLCC, my blog’s been getting hits search like “PC Fair showgirls, Cherlin PC Fair, Hot PC Fair Gals, What fuck what fuck Carmen, Jenny, ah Lian, ah Huei, ah Beng, ah Seng names in PC Fair”

No offence to anybody named above though. It’s just random names I came up with and I don’t really mean the fuck fuck thingy. Lol.

Oh, one more thing! Me loves my new specs! xD

Me new specs! And it's blue.. xD
Me new specs! And it's blue.. xD
Close-up look! =)
Close-up look! =)

I feel like a professional photographer sometimes.. Mwahaha. I’m suddenly exuding pro-ness out of no where.. xD

More random updates: You people are about to see China’s national treasure again.. ZZZZZzzzz. But this time it’s different panda all together! A panda with overwhelming power and semangat to study study study! Rawr! xD I need to save money too.. Somebody buy me a piggy bank please? Please, oh please? Hehe..

Crazy thingy I do these days: Stupid Help Yourself book! Made my sleep habit haywire again. Read about how super army commandos need only 30-40mins sleep each day for the brain to totally recharge. Am so impressed by it, and now I’m following suit! Gyahhhhhh.. Slept before midnight and then woke up around 1am or 2am these nights wtf.

Happy things to talk about.. =)

Ahhh.. This brought smiles to my face everytime I think about it.. =)

Got back Research Methods assignment report today. Got 74/100 for it. The highest I’ve got so far from stingy Dr. Siah.. =) This sem’s marks was like the total of last 2 sems added together! Imagine that wtf. Showed the effort we put in this time round.. Well done peeps! =D

And and.. No more updates for today! =)

Hopefully Miss Low’s tests and assignments marks will be good too. Wish me luck. I need it.. =)


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