An overall nice weekend I had.. =)

Cycled up to the waterfall near Kampar old town. Started out around 7am. It was my first time there. Never imagined it was THAT far. Cycling uphill was leg-breaking. Hehe. Most of the time we were pushing our bikes up the slopes. Sweating and out of breath. And the destination never seemed reachable at all.

But due to sheer grit and determination, and helluva semangat, we somehow reached the waterfall.. =)

The girls prepared some egg sandwiches. Yummy? Err.. 😛

Climbed up the waterfall further after that. Wasn’t really splashingly fun cause the girls just wouldn’t get wet. Going against the water flow and the slippery stones isn’t exactly easy. And the girls to look after.. But then, it was real satisfying when we finally reached our point.. =) Lost my specs there.. Time for new specs! Hehe.

Had enough fun there. Cycled downhill back. And that was exciting! Mwahaha. Got crazy, had a sudden rush for excitement, go down all the way brake-free! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~~!!! Almost fell to the side when turning a corner, but hell the pain will be worth the adrenaline rush I felt.

We took so long to get up there. And only a fraction of second to reach back down wtf.

Too bad there’s no photographs to boast of.

I wanna go there again next weekend! Mwahaha.. xD

p/s: Oh did I mention my body aches all over this morning afternoon in bed? Can’t get up from bed at all.. Wahahaha.


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