There are times when I just laze around in my room, telling myself how lethargic I am, how lazy I am to do anything else besides sitting in front of my laptop staring at the same old wallpaper over and over again. I tell myself that I’m tired, and yet I could watch Gundam or any movies, MSN, go blog-hopping, play DotA over and over again or [ Insert time-wasting activities here ]. Anything besides touching my books! What if.. I turned all these energies into doing something more productive? Something like doing revision for finals, brushing up my knowledge, or even doing something for world peace? Hehe..

But the question is not what if. It’s HOW and WHEN.. Nope, not who. Maybe a bit on who, but we do things for ourself, mainly.  The question isn’t exactly why also.. Cause if you asked why, you are probably wasting your time thinking or worrying about the uncertainties in life. Which are pointless by the way.. =) 

Empty thoughts plus inaction equals nothing. I, you, we or anybody else doesn’t have super psychic powers to move anything with just the power of our mind. The book in front of you won’t flip through itself if you don’t turn the pages. The book won’t even be in front of you if you don’t bother to take it!

So, move your butt peeps! Finals is in 18days time. And 18days isn’t exactly alot to cover 5 humongous subjects. 5 FREAKIN’ HUMONGOUS HELL OF A SUBJECTS!  Have I struck panic in your hearts yet, people? Mwahahaha.. I’m evil! Evil, I tell ya! Mwahahaha!


2 thoughts on “Too.Long.A.Title

  1. kaixin says:

    This is exactly exact of what i am going throught/experiencing/doing right now. Heck, this freaking could’ve been my post, right down to the last words!! Die. Why are we such slackers??? I better get back to my papers for real…

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