I realised today I’ve gained 5 freakin’ fuck kilos out of nowhere! Gyaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh.. Omfg! Lipo lipo lipo liposuction!

What was supossed to be a lunch and studying session turned into PPS and chit-chatting session today. Even went all the way to Jusco, Ipoh to watch “Shinjuku Incident” by Jacky Chan. McD followed after that. Yeah wtf. Lol. The movie was okay. Hell loads of censored violence. Not much fighting scenes from Jacky Chan though.. No, is almost no fight scenes from Jacky Chan. If only stupid TGV doesn’t censor out the gore parts.. =.=

And I ate alot today. Don’t ask me why. I don’t know. Mixed rice for dinner. Two dorayakies at Jusco. Popcorn and Coke at TGV. And Spicy Chicken Mcdeluxe large set at McD. All from 8pm til 12am. No wonder I’m fat now.

Who want accompany me EXERCISE everyday??! Help.. T-T


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