Random Lagi!

I realised I tend to blog more when I’m emo. Crapping up to 4-5posts per day. Haha. Not that I’m emo’ing now, I just feel like typing something to get my attention away from textbook.

I realised another thing today. Happiness are not meant to be pursued. We can’t set it to be our goals or something. We’re supposed to enjoy the process while we are at it. To experience it while it’s still warm and fresh. We can’t get hold of happiness! So, in the end we just reflect on what we did, and smile fondly at the thing known to us as memories.

Hearing an English version emotional excellence talk in the morning and attending a Chinese version Thanksgiving Night by Buddhist Society really had a calming effect on me. These events are like brainwashing me through and through.

I’m suddenly high on motivation, had positive expectation of future, and felt thankful for all the things in my life – good and bad. Though a little sleepy now.. I must at least study two chapters of anything before bed. Yes, the fire continues to burn.. xD

Random Lagi!

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