This will be a very random messy post.

I sure did surprise myself today. I managed to control my temper without letting it go overboard.. =) I’d wanted to grab hold of a machine gun and shoot everybody today. I got emo suddenly. Frustrations are getting to me. Everything people do, I don’t like. But.. I still smile and tell people nicely. Hmm.. Influences =)

Catch up or lose out. Or am I expecting too much? Or can’t I rely on people to get things done? When I don’t care, I really don’t care. When I want things done, I want it done 100% – my style. This is why I don’t like to get involved in organizing things. Perhaps there are not enough people to bring out my competitive nature. Lol. If I were to choose what type of king I am, I’d say dictator.

I tend to think too much some times. Something I ask others not to, but I do myself. Shit! I analysed and reanalysed things people say to me. Things people say to me gets stuck in my head. Until I find an answer to it.

Uncertainty. Nice word suddenly. I don’t know what to say of myself now. They say the previous LWK is back now. I say, I’ve changed again. The last time me don’t color the last two finger nails black. The last time me won’t even think of actually shaving few lines on the head. Appearance wise aside, the last time me will surely hang on to things very stubbornly. The last time me won’t be as bad-ass as I am now.

This is bad. I’m gonna have nightmares tonight. Things are still spinning in my head. I’m already chucking out enough info for your reading pleasure.

One more thing. Already four people asked me the same thing. What to answer them? Wtf.


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