The Leonard guy talk couldn’t have possibly come at more suitable time than this. Just when I was looking for answers to my questions previously, he pop out of no where! Was least expecting the talk I was attending this morning to be of any relevance to me or anything. Lol, good things in life comes when you least expect them. Seriously.

Thought I’d share with you people what I’ve heard and learnt today.. =)

The title of his talk was “Emotional Excellence something something..”

He started off by showing his credibilty with some photos of him posing with middle eastern energy companies’ mega tycoons, the ministers and  also one pictures of him shaking hand with our ex-PM, Mr. Badawi.. Yada yada yada.

Then the real thing started.

What we feel is how we see it. Perception. The positive and negative self talk thingy. What we do everyday of our lives. What we have been telling ourselves what we can or cannot do. How we conditioned our mind to do things everyday.. And most importantly how to have high EQ – Emotional Quotient to manage self and others. And also to deal with trouble people.

He conducted a rather cheapskate version of his famous Leonard Personality Inventory (LPI) test in which I scored high on the “Decisive” personality factor.  While it may be a good thing to like challenges and freedom, and also to assume leadership roles for me. What matters more is what if someone is low on EQ as well, like me? I will get real aggresive and impatient. Probably the most irritating thing that’s been bugging me since the start of assignments. It’s something about finding the right person with different personalities to complement each others’ flaw. What type of people goes well with what type of people.. Hmm.

And then, he got to one funny part which left everybody in stitches. Why girls tend to nag so much, and why guys can’t stand it? Lol. The need for guys to feel appreciated and the need for girls to feel secure. Guys get annoyed because NAGGING HAS NO LOGICAL CONTENT! We guys salute Dr. Leonard. LOL.. Insecurities from guys makes girl unstable, which in turn manifest itself into nagging.

And the irresistable tips on how to stop a nagging partner and be served like a king for 1 week, at least. When girl nag, guys should:

  • Stand there and listen. Bear with it guys. No matter what she says. Asking you to scram the hell off also stand there. Don’t ask her to stfu. Listen attentively.
  • Touch her. Slowly. Hands and not private parts! She flings you off, do it again.
  • The killer move now which he named some bazooka technique. Wtf. Embrace her. The girl maybe crying, maybe struggling, but that’s a good sign. Just hug her. The security level will be recharged to the max now.. =)

And Leonard’s climax part where he talked  about how to lead a happy life. To be thankful with what we have, to have a purpose in life, and also to truly enjoy what we do. The half full/half empty cup of water thingy – positive thinking. To have a goal, which I’ve already found.. =) And also to truly like what I am/we are doing now – studying. Talked about the balance between mind, body and spirit – achieving emotional excellence.

The anti-climax part sucked a bit. Taught us how to induce the feel good hormone – endorphine into our body system. And the technique is to exercise and eat healthy food. Wtf. Really quite anti-climatic feel. What you expect when the talk is free of charge??!


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