Reflection Time!

Was looking back at what I wrote in my blog all these while. And came across this:

Anyway, here’s my belated new year resolutions which I intend to do/abide by at least til end of the year.

  • Healthier me. Maggi mee no more, please? Better sleep habits. Exercise more.
  • Be more serious. Lesser cocks from me. Take things a bit more seriously.
  • Tidier room.
  • Lose another 15kg.
  • Pwnage grades! I wanna study study study!
  • Be a good boy. Overall.
  • Make more real friends.
  • Not making the same mistake again.

Resolution no.1 failed. With the rush for assignments, sleeping habits also turned upside down. Bought 4 packets of Maggi Mee in 3months, which isn’t that bad eh?

Resolution no.2 was okay.. =)

Resolution no.3 considered pass also? =)

Resolution no.4 failed. I think I gained hell loads of weights lately. Tummy bulging out again due to food-binging!

Resolution no.5 okay also I guess? Pwnage grades isn’t really pwnage! As usual, some high some low.. Ish.

Resolution no.6 failed. No explanation needed.

Resolution no.7 so so. Gained some, lost some.

Resolution no.8 absolute success! It’s out of my system finally.. =)

If people doesn’t reflect back on the things they do, for what they do all those things in the first place then? Food for thought.. =)

p/s: Thank you Pei Yee for the pizza treat! =D

Reflection Time!

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