Eris quod sum!

The poetic me came up with a damn good poem tonight.. It shall be titled “To Hell With Your Shits and Rubbish! I Don’t Give A Fuck Bout’ What You Think Anymore!” And I won’t ruin my life because of you or anybody else. Fuck what you think, I guess I just have to improvise my life without you or the few faggots around you. Live life to the fullest, if people don’t get me, no point forcing them.. =)

happy happy hari hari,
petang malam siang pagi,
u happy i happy,
cb orang pergi mati~ ^^

Don’t worry, I won’t get emo because of you anymore. Cause’ I’m SO OVER YOU! Wake up! You’re not my center of attention anymore. You won’t see me skipping meals, drinking beers, getting sohai ever. And best of all? I don’t have to tolerate your nonsense ever again. Eram quod es, Eris quod sum. Loosely translated to “I was what you are, You shall be what I become”.

And this is not under the “Bitching/ Nonsense” category =)

Eris quod sum!

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