Love In The Ice!

I’m starting to like Japs and Korean singers now. Oh. My. God. More towards Koreans though, I still have a thing against Japanese vocals.. =)

Current fav seems to be SHINee – Stand By Me, go Youtube it yourself.. Hehe.

Today, stumbled upon another god-damn beautiful song by TVXQ. Awesome lyrics, so-so singing.. Is it possible to love the lyrics but not the song? Lol. Ask from me if you want this song =)

TVXQ – Love In The Ice (English Translation)

it’s not your fault those hands are cold
clinging on to wounds in the past
afraid to love someone
turning your back on
the true meaning of the story

like ice, the embraced heart starts to melt

*to be loved by someone, by anyone
it makes life in this world shine
if it was me, i would make your heart once again
warm with undying love

fate’s play
even if it makes your heart ache
when the tears end
a ray of light will swoop down into the darkness
we can grasp it, we can feel

As strong as the feeling of suffering, we can feel people’s warmth

sorrow and loneliness
that every person endures
searching for a place to heal
yes, for you that place is here
don’t worry, don’t hesitate no more, i will protect you

because it is a love, my love
as beautiful as it is miserable
don’t be afraid
Even if it’s just momentarily, I’ll let you know my love
This time is beautiful, you know… let you know my love

Love In The Ice!

3 thoughts on “Love In The Ice!

  1. kaixin says:

    OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!!! You listen to DBSK too!!!!!!!!!

    I haven’t even read this post yet, just saw the title and i was like “KYAHHHHHHHH!!!!!” all over inside (It’s only inside coz my roomie’s in now, otherwise i’ll be shrieking like mad).

    DBSK is the sole thing that salvage boyband’s image (pretty face, can’t sing, can’t act, no talent) worldwide. They are the one that convinced me to start listening to Korean music. The only downside is once I start I can’t stop!!!


  2. kaixin says:

    haha. paiseh. a bit high on fangirl-mode. and i shall repay by suffering with my modules. gosh!!!

    *goes into panic-mode now*

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