Advice #2

CY said something that struck me today. We were talking and she mentioned I can be a bit on the short-tempered side. Not denying that.. =)

Not that I lost temper on her or anything. She did asked me once, will I ever lose my temper on her too? I couldn’t guarantee her that. Guess the answer stuck on her after that. Today’s the third time she mentioned how I couldn’t give her an answer on that day. Lol.

Do I come across as a live-wire to you people? Am I not calm enough in handling things. That is before it gets OVERWHELMING and I exploded! And never go against my flow of thinking, principles or values.

She also said I must learn to control my temper. No use going ballistic over everything. I got flared up, the other side wondering wtf am I so flared up, both side end up getting nothing.

Not like I never heard these sort of advices before. But then, her words sounded more persuasive than others.. xD

It got me thinking and thinking and thinking and thinking and thinkin… infinitely. I figured I better let this out in my blog before I go crazy thinking of her thinking of her words =X

Advice #2

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