Of Dreams and Realities!

The feeling of bliss and happiness was unimaginably heavenly. The feelings, the intimacy, the smiles, the everything was perfect! One thing though.. We were speaking in a language that I myself can’t understand. Wtf. Why did I have this dream in the first place? The more I tried to shake this off, the more I kept thinking about it.

I’m afraid.. Arrrkkkkkkkk.. Reality sucks.

Got jolted back to reality where there are still unfinished assignments waiting for me! The feeling of euphoria went poof immediately, replaced by sudden phang of moodiness. Guess I hate losing what I had in the first place. It wasn’t helped by the fact the moment I woke up and open door, I saw.. the fuckin face laughing ever so fuckingly disgusting..

Of Dreams and Realities!

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