The moment Clean & Clear shampoo touches my head, my hair would be screaming “ALLELUJAH!!!” at top of their lungs if they have one.. LOL!

One and a half day without shower, layers of dirt and oil, stinking hair, itchy crotch, smelly armpit and sticky body! Sat at my desk collecting toxins and adding layers to my already fat tummy. I got so headache and dizzy, I almost puked at the smell of my pee pee in the toilet by the time I finish editing one bloody assignment.. Wtf. Yeah, it’s that bad.

But today..

I pampered myself to two rounds of shampoo, facial wash, and foam bath! Kinda making up to my body eh? Lol. Did facial, scrubbed away all the dirts, mudded my face and everything. And I’m so fuckin’ fresh again! Hehe.. Yippie!

Planning to have KFC as a reward for myself for finishing assignments later.. Who’s with me? Hehe.. 😀


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