101 Ways To Slim Down!

They always say, the one who really love you, is someone who is always with you without you even realizing it. And the one you really love is someone who you don’t think they will be, because that someone is always there for you, and you thought everything is supposed to be that way.. – Lurveyee

Shiet! This brings back sad memories.. 😦

Anyway, fuck that. Bought a singlet which is a little too tight for my comfort last night. Bloody, I got fatter again.. T_T||

I’m gonna fit myself into that singlet in 2 weeks time! Eat less junk food, please please please.

Okay, I’m gonna eat grass for this 2 weeks. Anyone with me?

101 Ways To Slim Down!

2 thoughts on “101 Ways To Slim Down!

  1. lurveyee says:

    Ooppss.. I’m so sorry that what i’ve wrote brought back sad memories of yours. =/ but they also often said, you have to meet the wrong one, before you finally meet the right one. =)

    and 2 weeks of grass? it sound like the same where you asked karen to spend RM50 on that week. lolz. anyway, hope you’ll get to stick to it. hahaha. =p


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