Food for Thought!

People to people relationships, what can I say about this. Sometimes I wonder how people can even co-exist with one another. We used each other and then fuckin’ dump away the used-up person. We don’t mix with people who are not of benefit to us. Even those who seems to be really good with each other on the outside, have their own internal dark agenda.

Is there really no sincerity at all? Is it like what they say, there’s only one thing that binds people together? Benefit. 

How can someone be friend on a day, and foe the next day? Friend and foe, what’s the difference? Come to think of it, friends hurt you more than foes do. That’s one real difference, yeah? If that’s the case, why do we need more friends then?

Few good ones are more than enough for me. I see people around me suffering from the same problem. Even me myself experienced is experiencing this. How do we eliminate this?

Even among those really good ones, back-stabbing still occurs, but then it’s on an acceptable level. People backstab each other everytime, everywhere, no matter who you are. I’m starting to lose interest in continuing this crap. I see no light at all at the end of this tunnel. Occasional flicker of sparks, but then even that ain’t long lasting. Ahh shits. Life sucks.

Food for Thought!

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