Alcohol, Me no Like!

Drinking is bad. Don’t go “Like duh I don’t know” look yet! You really don’t know how bad it is til you tried it. Okay, I really don’t know how bad it is til I tried it. For me, it’s double the badness factor cause I’m allergic to it. You know, the red rashes all over my body, swollen fingers yada yada.

But the silly me still attempted to imitate those heart-wrenching  scenes in movies where the hero’s beloved either died or had an affair with the hero’s best friend.

Despite all the warnings and the already known allergy reactions, I went ahead. I remembered going to bed in a dizzy condition. I’m not drunk yet *Yeah right, the classical line every drunk person had* but I can’t stand needing to look at my keyboard from an inch away whenever I wanna type something. Seriously, I’m not drunk by then. Tell me how many people can paint the finger nails with nail polish when they are drunk??! None eh? Hehehe.. Okay, so I slept. For a while, until my back started itching. Itching like a flea-infested bitch! Body trembled like fuck. I woke up, stood up, walked to the toilet, had a pee pee. And my head spun so wildly suddenly, I fell, flinged everything out of my way with my hands, head knocked don’t know what and ka-boom!

That was first fall. Got up groggily to bed, slumped down. Had the urge to pee pee again few hours later. Same process, even louder ka-boom! I was like wtf I keep getting dizzy for no reason! This time banged me wide awake. I was so god damn scared to get out of bed after that. LOL. For the whole day, I stayed at bed too afraid to move an inch.

All the while had to bear with a ring stuck on my swollen finger. So, moral of the story is… Never drink while wearing a ring. You never know where the ring will end up at when you’re drunk. Perhaps the sixth FINGER? That happened weeks ago. I know of even worse case scenario, but hey I’m telling you my own experience. So fuck it if you think this is nothing. I don’t care.

No more alcohol from now on. It’s a promise =)

Alcohol, Me no Like!

4 thoughts on “Alcohol, Me no Like!

  1. kaixin says:

    haha..i just got my first experience dealing with someone drunk too..
    and you wouldn’t be painting ur nails in the 1st place if you weren’t drunk..;)

  2. kakeat says:

    Hahaha… Zhen Jian has the same promise as u le… I remember that time Jian drink alcohol with red bull and in the end the appartment is full as his vomit smell… YACK… I still can recall the smell even after so many year d 😦

    ps: Jian broke the promise d after goin clubing last year if i am not wrong…

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