Not Funny!

In the pursuit of Happiness. This time starring Wynken, not Will Smith. With a slightly different plot. No, I didn’t lost EVERYTHING and I’m not going to work as a stock-broker or whatever. I just lost BIG and gained NONE.

So, this is making me totally negative now.

The emo’ing me had calmed down but then something’s lost along the way. I don’t find funny things funny anymore. Ya right wtf. In between choosing a fake smile and sporting a dead-pan face, I chose the former but occassionally the latter when everyone’s out of sight. Everything seems so.. Distant? And I’m so.. Isolated? I don’t know. Maybe.

It’s like getting substituted at half-time in a football match, you see. The frustration, but not being able to voice it out. And you can do nothing except head for the exit quietly. The fans boo you, the players look at you one kind, some shaking their heads, the boss glares at you and the oppposing team grinning from eye to eye. In the end, you lost your motivations to fight anymore.

Ha, my active imagination is speaking and I’m going Jungian!

Stupid textbooks making me thinking of theories and stuffs. Wtf. And did I mention midterm’s started since last week? And and it’s making me fat! McD for supper last night, second round of supper with Maggi double, egg, fried chicken and Nescafe, lunch at KFC this afternoon and 4 sticks of ice cream after that.

2 days. 200,000,000,000,000,000,000 worth of calories taken. Awesomeness.

L0L.. Wut teh F%^&! L337 sp34k! L0LCAT RoXX! Ignore the incoherent me. Why do I keep referring to myself as the third-party? Wtf.

But then, it felt good to be able to fart out so much tonight. It’s been in my system for too long.

Not Funny!

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