Gone Case!


That’s all I could really describe myself now.

It seems to me, my existence here really doesn’t worth a god-damn cent! The world hates me. People hate me. They hate me. She hates me. Brilliant year indeed, this 2009. 2months into new year, bloody bad things still not showing any signs of stopping. They just come and come and come and bloody fucking drown me in their bloody fuckin’ strong current.

Nothing ever goes according to my plan. Good intentions are somehow distorted to the point that they become malicious. Sincerity and kindness becomes ill intentions and hatred in the eyes of others. Stupid people who bloody think they are bloody clever hatched their evil little schemes to bring me down. And then there’s the good people who thinks they are really clever and end up doing something really stupid against my favour. Some are no-brainers who caused ceaseless troubles for me.

You say I keep complaining about others and what about me?

Well, I’m the biggest fool of the century for letting things get out of control. A fool for being so naive towards people. A fool for treating others especially her so damn uber good. A fool in the wrong place, at the wrong time. Most of all, a fool for being blinded by what they supposedly call ‘love’.

Gone Case!

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