You were the one who built me up and tear me down. (Over You, Chris Daughtry)

People always seem to think that I’m a fool. Without exception. And always, I manage to shock the fuck out of people who doesn’t take me seriously. And I hate people not being honest enough with me. I don’t know about you, but I can’t live a lie. When people lie to me, they are underestimating my analytical prowess. Seriously underestimating me. And what I do? I keep quiet like I always do. Disappointed with those who lied to me.

Miss Low, my counselling lecturer scared the shit out of me today. She was saying how she can know others attitude by observing them. I thought she was full of craps. She was calling out students one by one and asked us to guess their attitudes based on their order of birth. Well, I thought that was common sense. Anyone could have simply guessed and hit a few correctly. I continued sitting there quietly, too sleepy to make a sound.

And then, she pointed at me! “What’s your name”, she asked. She didn’t call me out. I told her my name and she proceeded by listing out my attitudes. I’m not exaggerating when I say it’s almost 99% accurate. Wtf. Things she said about me weren’t common sense. All the things she said, smack me right in my face. I looked at her, smiled meekly, felt exploited and thinking wtf repeatedly in my head.



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