Overstatement of the year: I love you.

Understatement of the century: I like you.

Wtf. I don’t what it is anymore.

Had loads of nightmares again recently. My brain is thinking way too much again. Bloody. I need meditation, I need meditation. They say if you dreamt of bad things, you gotta say it out. So last night I was crawling through wall holes and into a morgue-like room. More like a dimly-lit freezer with loads of meat and corpses and wtfshitz. Just like a scene from a zombie film. A fucking terrifying zombie film. I remember I was so scared, so worried but for what I don’t know.

And that’s how I woke up feeling like I never slept the whole night. Wtf.

The other night, I was headshot’ing people everywhere I go. Armed with don’t-know-what gun and a laser pointer, every head goes ka-boom at the sight of me. UTAR Kampar massacre on the way? SERIOUSWTFSHIT! Hopefully the admins don’t see this. Otherwise I’ll be spending my break times in counselling room for the whole semester. This headshot nightmare sort of like jumped to another dream with  her face so close to me, talking to me. I couldn’t remember what though. She just minimised my trauma of headshot’ing people in my dream without realising it. Hehe.


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