Test of Faith!

Leave me alone please. I just wanna be alone this time! I feel so disconnected from the world right now. God bless.

Certainly a bad way to start off 2009. Just 13days into 2009, gazillions things happened. Bad things. Whatever. With all the fucked up things coming at me in one go, I’ve came up with one conclusion. That Kampar is full of fucktards. Eh no, I realised that long ago. I think Kampar breeds fucktards. I’m beginning to despise people around me now.  Never mind them.

This year I’m determined to be different. New year, new me. Little bumps in life won’t stop me now. I still have the whole year to go. I will take all these as test from the God above who’s too busy playing ICQ, not having enough time to organize my life.

Anyway, here’s my belated new year resolutions which I intend to do/abide by at least til end of the year.

  • Healthier me. Maggi mee no more, please? Better sleep habits. Exercise more.
  • Be more serious. Lesser cocks from me. Take things a bit more seriously.
  • Tidier room.
  • Lose another 15kg.
  • Pwnage grades! I wanna study study study!
  • Be a good boy. Overall.
  • Make more real friends.
  • Not making the same mistake again.

And then there’s things I dread in the following months.. :S

Birthdays, Valentine, assignments, arrrrrgggggggghhhhhhhhhhh.

Test of Faith!

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