I’m feeling blue suddenly.. Must be the damn Mamma Mia I watched last night. Pirated DVD movie version. Not the live musical. It was nice. Except granny Meryl Streep jumping on bed like a 15years old in one scene.. T_T||

And the ABBA songs reminded me of ALOT of things that I’m trying to forget this holiday.

Looking back, I have done gazillions of things this holiday but somehow I’m still feeling empty.

2months plus had passed since the start of semester break. I had bounced from one place to another, slept in so many different places, did so many random things. Worked at Genting for 2weeks, back to Kampar for few weeks, off to Taiping for 2weeks, back to Muar for few weeks.

Now I’m at KL. Will be working at PC Fair all of a sudden.

I’m not living my life spontaneously enough! Arghh.. Forgot what Harry “Head-Banger” said about being spontaneous in life.

Maybe I should tie a rope to my feet and do bungee jumping from KLCC when I’m there next week for the PC Fair. I will be like.. Weeeeeeeeeee! Then *Snap!* Kapiak!* *Splat!* Die..


2 thoughts on “Random!

  1. Shi Hui says:

    see… got our auntie chan willingly to accompany u… u shud feel glad… hahaha… evryday nth better to do than to think of death… swt…

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