Andy Lau!

So, Andy Lau’s finally going to marry his girlfriend of 23years, Carol Chu next year. Bloody lucky Carol having Andy Lau as her boyfriend.

When is Lau Weng Kien gonna have a beauty contest winner as a girlfriend too?

Perhaps I should name myself Andy Lau Weng Kien also, no? Hahaha..

Andy Lau!

3 thoughts on “Andy Lau!

  1. jenny says:

    So pity, That Andy didn’t admit that he had married her.. I’m so sorry for her.
    Why should she be so low profile?
    No status at all.
    I ‘m take pity on her — Carol chu

    1. I guess it’s just a matter of time before Andy makes it public..

      perhaps this is what they call unconditional love? been together for like 20++ years? =)

  2. diana teo says:

    thats aweesomeee how a woman would wait that long for a confession. but hey we also never knw rite,, if behind all the medias and publicities, andy also care and love her family back.

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