Me and my bad mouth. Lol. Spouting vulgarities like reading scriptures. I have been like this ever since I could remember. Since primary school I guess? I don’t believe in what they say about what we say defines who we are. Okay, that may apply to some but not me. I don’t mean it literally when I scold people. It just sort of complete my sentences, you know. Haha.

Why do I say wtf so much? It just comes out of my mouth naturally. Maybe cause I think it’s funny. Really, like how sometimes wtf’ing at the right time managed to tickle my funny bones. Lol. Honestly, wtf isn’t the only phrase I say in real life. In a lame attempt to make my blog more Engrish-feel, I’ve excluded the usually colourful hokkien & cantonese curses. It’s an honour actually if you hear me scolding bad words. Cause I consider you people close to me and feel safe to say whatever rubbish that comes to mind without any restrictions.

Disclaimer: The above statements only applies to guys. Girls reading this don’t be sad hahaha. I do consider some of you close to me. But not like this. Lol. Like some jealous dudes always said, when it comes to girls I’m 360°, 720°, 1080° totally different. Mwahaha.


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