Mission Accomplished!

LOL! I did it! Room clean and tidy. Without a single speck of dust in sight! Wahahaha! Cause tomorrow I’ll be homeward bound! xD Another last minute job well done! *winks*

On a sadder note: In the process of cleaning up my room, I inadvertently forced my long time roommate, Siu Keong out of his sanctuary. To prevent him from venturing further to the outside world and see it’s harsh reality, I ended his life with a few slaps of broom. Rest in peace, dear Siu Keong. I will miss you. Seriously.

On an even sadder brighter note: I’m over it. It’s a good thing I guess? No? Gotta live with it though.. ^^ I sincerely hope God bless you for your naivety *gasp!*. Omitofut. Amen. Bismillah. What’s the blessing phrase for Indians?

Random stuff: Is it me or does Jay’s new album, Capricorn gets better everytime I listen to it?

Mission Accomplished!

One thought on “Mission Accomplished!

  1. Shi Hui says:

    not surprising there’s siu keong in rubbish dump… i m glad the war in ur room has ended… evrything is bec in place… god bless u… at least my nagging works a bit… hehe…

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