Be grateful for the simple things in life. Such simple statement, and yet so difficult to comprehend. When people approached me to complain about miniscule things compared to the world, I get slightly annoyed. If I could, I would probably ask them to fuck themselves. People take things for granted. You, me and everybody. You’d probably say “Oh, I’m not like that!”, but face it. Wake up please!

The list of simple things in life that please me:

1. Mamak. Maggi double plus telur mata. Plus ayam goreng also! xD

2. Having friends who talk cocks a lot! A lot like this:


3. Waking up after 12hours of sleep.. =D

4. Blogging this right now.

5. A warm shower.

6. 160kB/s Internet download speed.

7. The list could go on and on about the air I breathe, the water I drink, the shit I shat etc.

That’s a few things that makes me happy. I remembered someone in my previous Uni told me that she likes being around me cause I was always laughing, talking craps, looking a bit wee too carefree. I wanna be like that at Kampar too!


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