Help!! T_T||

Why do I get the feeling that today’s someone’s birthday? Duh.. Of course everyday’s someone else birthday. I’m talking about people related to me, close to me. And yet I couldn’t think of anyone. I think I missed out something.. Any birthdays I should know of today? Hmm.. Hehe.

Seeing my room in a worse mess than before, I’ve decided to scrap the ‘spring cleaning’ plan. Shouldn’t have started it at the first place. Now it’s left hanging halfway. Seriously lacking motivations to do anything now. Til then, enjoy the pictures, my spectacular creations. My work of art.

Mess Le Exquisito
Mess Le Exquisito
Storme le Mess
Le Storme

I wonder how many times must I post my messy room pictures in my blog?

Help!! T_T||

2 thoughts on “Help!! T_T||

  1. Shi Hui says:

    u super teruk… ur mum will faint if she sees those pics… clear up the mess la… it makes no difference with sleeping in a rubbish dump lo…

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