Okay, I’m bored and in need of break from TVB series. Here are some random facts about me in the multiple of three, some random thing I copied/paste found while tag surfing. Don’t bother reading the rest of this entry if you’ve got better things to do.

Three pet peeves:

a) Fugly bitches acting like Miss Universe.

b) People interrupting my sleep.

c) Couples


Three shows I watched as a kid

a) Mask Rider

b) Power Ranger

c) Sesame Street 


Three things I was into as a kid:

a) Robots

b) Dinosaurs

c) Cartoons


Three things I was into as a teenager:

a) Girls

b) Internet

c) Animes


Three things I’m doing right now:

a) Typing

b) Trying to keep my eyes open

c) Retarding


Three ways to describe my personality:

a) Stubborn

b) Quiet

c) Unstable


Three absolute favorite foods:

a) Mum’s cooking.

b) Asam Laksa

c) Chocolate


Three beverages I drink regularly:

a) Coffee

b) Tea

c) Horlick


Three shows I watch:

a) Prison Break

b) Heroes

c) Gundam 00


Three things I say most often:

a) Wtf?

b) Cb

c) Swt


Three books that I love:

a) The Natural Mind: Waking Up

b) The Secret

c) Harry Potters 


Three stupid things I’ve done:

a) Mess up my life

b) Failed Engineering

c) Girls


Three stupid things that other people have done (or do) that directly affect me:

a) Assignments

b) PDA

c) Talking non-stop


Three things that I wish for:

a) 4.0

b) Power

c) Riches


Three things that I miss:

a) My mom

b) Nothing else

c) Nobody else

Three things that I wonder:

a) What people want from each other?

b) What are girls made of?

c) Are we who we think we are?


Three things that I am not:

a) Bangladeshi

b) Normal

c) Happy


Three things you were doing three years ago:

a) Retarding even worse

b) Failing

c) Wasting time


Three songs you know all the lyrics to:

a) Twinkle twinkle

b) Ba Ba Black Sheep

c) Happy Birthday Song


Three things you would do if you were a millionaire:

a) Be Iron Man

b) Rinse my mouth with shark fins.

c) Wipe my ass with dollar notes.


Three things you would never wear, get new or buy new again:

a) Hawaii Shirt

b) Tight Underwear

c) Collar t-shirts


Three things that scare me:

a) The unknown

b) Myself

c) People


Three people who make me laugh:

a) Mr Bean

b) Kenny Sia

 c) My friends


Three things I love

a) Me

b) Myself

c) My family


Three things I hate

a) Fakers

b) Stupidity

c) My life


Three things I don’t understand

a) Girls

b) People

c) Calculus


Three things on my desk at work:

a) Not working




Three things I want to do before I die

a) Eat exotic food

b) Bungee jump

c) Countless one night stands 


Three things I can do

a) Curse

b) Think

c) Move 


Three things I can’t do

a) Sleep early 

b) Tackle girls

c) Tolerate fakers


Three things I think you should listen to

a) Me

b) Your mum

c) Good music


Three things you should never listen to:

a) Assholes

b) MLM’s

c) Stupid people


Three things I’d like to learn (but won’t)

a) Dance

b) Muay Thai

c) Flirt


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